Arthur Gingrande

Arthur Gingrande is a partner in IMERGE Consulting and a nationally acclaimed expert in image-based intelligent character recognition (ICR), electronic forms, and forms automation. He is a certified Image Capture Professional (ICP) and created most of the preparatory content for that designation. Before he joined IMERGE, as vice president of marketing and business development for two software development firms and later as a consultant, he developed the marketing/business plans for six of the leading software development firms in image/data capture and automated forms processing.

Since 1991, over 300 of his articles on ICR, forms automation, imaging, workflow, BPM and EDMS have been published in various industry trade journals and IT magazines. Mr. Gingrande is the author of numerous publications, including Cost-Justifying an ICR Solution and Measuring and Improving Data Entry Productivity. He is also the author of the definitive book on forms processing, Forms Automation – from ICR to Electronic Forms to the Internet, and also Processing Unstructured Documents: Challenges and Solutions, both published by AIIM, plus numerous white papers and articles for that organization.

Mr. Gingrande is a regular speaker at various industry trade shows. Together with Steve Weissman of the Holly Group, he produced the training materials for the current AIIM certification program. In 2009 Mr. Gingrande received his law degree, with a concentration in intellectual property law and electronic discovery, which now comprise the two major areas of focus in his law practice.


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