Baird Brueseke

Baird W. Brueseke has more than 25 years of experience leading companies and designing solutions to solve customer problems.  In 1990 he co-founded Wheb Systems. Wheb created the first Windows based forms processing system which used a neural-network engine in a multi-tasking environment to perform intelligent character recognition (ICR) on hand printed data, while simultaneously scanning paper and displaying processed forms in a Windows environment for edit and correction.  Wheb Systems grew from a two person start up to become (via venture capital investments, mergers, and acquisitions) Captiva Software; a public company with over 400 employees purchased by EMC in 2005.  Baird was inducted into AIIM’s Company of Fellows in 2009.

After the Captiva sale, his interests turned to the fields of Education and Cybersecurity.  He is co-author of the Virtual Instruction Cloud (Patent Application No:  13/939,139, pending).  He also created a cloud based portal, CLaaS – Computer Lab as a Service, which provides academic institutions with the ability to deliver a hands-on computer science laboratory experience to distance learners.  His Cybersecurity Consulting Practice has provided Risk Assessments, GAP Analysis, Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Tests, Security Policies and vendor evaluations to enterprise and mid-size clients in the financial services, insurance and healthcare sectors.


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