Faster Response to Information Requests

Federal Agencies / Government

If you are associated with a federal agency that is required to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), you need to ensure that your agency’s responses are accurate, timely and don’t violate any of the FOIA exemptions.

Public Corporations and Private Institutions

While public corporations and private institutions may not be legally mandated to comply with FOIA, you still need to respond to information requests in an accurate and timely manner.

  • Compliance and regulatory reports
  • Stakeholder and shareholder requests
  • Employee personnel reports
  • Medical information

FOIA Exemptions

Whether mandated by FOIA or a matter of organizational policy, your information governance policies must take measures to protect information that:

  • Is classified to protect national security
  • Would breach personnel privacy rules
  • Is prohibited from disclosure by federal law
  • Reveals trade secrets, confidential or privileged information
  • Invades personal privacy
  • Could interfere with law enforcement
  • Concerns supervision of financial institutions
  • Contains geological information on wells

IMERGE can help you speed up information requests by:

  • Categorizing and classifying data
  • Automating responses
  • Building workflows and approval processes
  • Leveraging ECM technology to accelerate the process


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