Digital Content Remediation

Analyze, classify and purge unnecessary data
Digital Content Remediation

Is your digital content growth out of control?

You're not alone. File sizes and file quantities have grown exponentially in recent years. IMERGE can help you find your ROT (Redundant, Outdated, Trival) content so it can be purged from your systems.

IMERGE Digital Remediation Services

Don't wait until your information becomes discoverable in a court of law or through open records requests. Let IMERGE help you clean up your data today! 


Identify and purge ROT data. Ensure data security permissions are set up properly.


Classify remaining content, including flagging sensitive data, then move remaining content to a new destination.


Ensure you are retaining legally mandated data, then delete the rest according to your defensible deletion policies.

How much ROT?

Industry average is 30% but if you include deduplication, it can be over 50%.

Think disc is cheap?

Not the kind spinning in your data center! Add information lifecycle management costs and there are significant savings to be realized.

Content remediation reduces your digital footprint

Benefits of digital content remediation include:

  • Savings on data storage and records management software costs and upgrades
  • Identifying PII and eliminating the risk of a PII breach
  • Establishing standard records management classification so that new content is properly identified— facilitating information lifecycle management
  • Eliminating duplicates and establishing a shareable, “gold-standard” original
  • Saving staff resources by eliminating the useless content and organizing the relevant content for business or regulatory compliance and scalable ECM
  • Reducing e-discovery cost and risk by managing content according to established information governance policy and through much easier identification of content responsive to discovery requests
  • Eliminating digital clutter across all forms of electronic records management saving time and the wasted cost of recreating “lost” content

IMERGE has remediation consulting expertise and tools to help you clean-up  and migrate your content. 


We'd love to work with you.

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