Records Management Policies and Procedures

Practical, Implementable Records and Information Management Standards

Creating a sound and sustainable program to manage your organization’s information governance assets is only possible through knowledge of your data, document, records, and information lifecycle management practices. IMERGE consultants thoroughly analyze current policies and procedures pertaining to information lifecycle management across both physical and electronic collections.

We also interview stakeholders to understand how they create, receive, store, share, access, and dispose of their information. From that collaborative records and information management knowledge, we can develop transparent information governance standards and practices. These standards include information organization, regulatory compliance, taxonomies and functional classification schemes, workflow models, conversion processes, and enterprise content management (ECM) application selection that best fits your organization.

Information Governance Policy and Procedure

Usable, sustainable policies and procedures—matched to your culture.

IMERGE develops flexible, compliant, and sustainable information governance program policies and the procedures that put information governance into action. We create or revise policies including records management (retention schedules, procedures, reference guides, etc.), e-mail, legacy system appraisal and back-up media. We also define new business processes or recommended business process improvements ensuring comprehensive regulatory compliance and information governance.

IMERGE creates procedures to implement IG policy in easily understood, workable language. Policies must be implementable as well as sustainable to be effective. IMERGE consultants’ vast experience working with all types of clients and industry segments means we know what it takes to be successful in all façets of information governance and records management consulting.


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